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Different Trailer Sizes


Interior Measurements

V-Nose Addition 2 ft
Interior Height 75"
Interior Weight 68"

Exterior Measurements

Wide 90" From Fender to Fender
Exterior Height (Includes Roof Vent) 96"
Exterior Height Without Roof Vent 93"
Ground Clearance “LEVEL” 14"


Interior Measurements

Interior Height 75"
Interior Width 80"
V-Nose Additional 2 ft

Exterior Measurements

Wide 102" Fender to Fender
Tall with Roof Vent 100"
Tall without Roof Vent 97"
Ground Clearance 14"

Rear Door Measurements

Ramp Door Opening 70"
Ramp Door Width 75"


Interior Measurements

V-Nose Additional 2 ft
Width Wall to Wall 96"
Between Fender Wells 84"
Interior Height 78"

Exterior Measurements

Tall with Roof Vent 103"
Tall without Roof Vent 100"
Width of Trailer 102"
Ground Clearance 15"

Ramp Door Measurements

Ramp Door Width 90"
Ramp Door Height 75"

We also build trailers with customized color combination and sizes. Visit our Special Options page to know about more.